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More options than a one-way street

Discomfort and pain can feel like being stuck on a one-way street. Especially, if it’s taking up a lot of time, it becomes tiresome and isolating overall. It’s not easy to see options out of this situation. This sensation of being stuck is also like a loop, like being in a condition that repeats itself without a possibility of change. Reflecting on this, I ask myself how easy it is more often than not to get used to something that is unpleseant. On the long run the own discomfort, pain and worry ends up being part of the comfort zone, even if it isn’t a conscious choice. Just because something is familiar, it’s the comfort zone, it’s a safe place. To the point that the one-way street can seem a good and constructive place to be. Stuck but comfortable is a kind of paradox. Taking a choice into another direction would mean leaving the comfort zone. With the Alexander Technique it may become easier to take a new choice and a step into -another place to be- a new awareness. It offers a possibility of clarification, of ease and flow and deep rest. That new choice is not linked directly with getting rid of something (pain for instance) or solving a problem (with analitical thinking/logical thinking). It’s foremost creating a gap / an opening from feeling or being stuck, blocked or on hold. It’s more like a fresh start and a choice for each person, playfully questioning their present moment (their thoughts, their movements) for a better outcome. As it is in everyone’s own hands to take new steps, steps out of the comfort zone, it might be useful to do it with a coach [...] Read more  here


          Mariangela Tinelli