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Body up
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For whom is it? 

Anyone who seeks positive change to their body and is interested in a holistic approach with or without previous experience is welcome. The Alexander Technique creates the conditions to discover greater ease and gives the tools to receive support within oneself. Each client is met with their particular interests and curiosity, maybe a wish or many questions. It is a personal process and therefore unique for each individual. Particularly in connection with performing arts and sports there is a wide range of development.

physical benefits

It alleviates physical strain and offers preventative and curative benefits across a wide range of physical disorders like:

  • neck, back and shoulder pain/injury
  • strain and/or lack of strength related to hypermobility
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • scoliosis
  • migraine (spine-related)
  • chronic health problems

mental and emotional benefits

Through the meditative aspect of the Alexander Technique the students experience inner calmness and mental clarity.  
The students develop skills that promote inner connectedness.

  • self-agency in handling tensions
  • appreciating the present moment
  • aquire subtle sensory awareness
  • recognize unwanted behavioural patterns
  • respond differently to a known trigger or stimulus
  • relieve conditions like nervosity or anxiety
  • support in relation to HSP

performance benefits

The body is the medium through which to perform and create. Learning to use the body optimally through the Alexander Technique has many benefits for improving performance in music, theater, dance, and sports.
Alexander Technique teaches performing artists optimal efficiency and alignment in the body, giving invaluable tools in:

  • to develop nuanced mastery of the craft
  • to increase performance longevity
  • meeting high physical demands of the performing arts
  • to recuperate from performance injury

          Mariangela Tinelli