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Alexander Technique

What is it?

“My technique is based on the inhibition of undesirable, unwanted responses to stimuli and hence it is primarily for the development of the control of the human reaction.”

F. M. Alexander,
inventor of the Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is a gentle, practical, health oriented method applied in the first instance to the body. In second instance it becomes obvious that its based on the idea that all physical, mental, and emotional processes are inseparably connected and that therefore every human action/activity is happening as coordinated whole.

It intends to restore the innate and effortless uprightness of the human being that correlates with the ability to move easily, fluently and with flexibility.

Through various difficulties in life, spontaneity is obstructed and effortless movement skills are no longer there and the body-mind-emotion connection is dormient or broken. We often abandon ourselves to automated movement sequences and unconscious behaviour patterns, which over time become more and more a part of our self. The Alexander Technique brings awareness to this. The students can relate to the way they handle themselves thoughtfully and with a new set of tools. New choices can be met with emotional involment.  

The Alexander Technique gives us means to gain clarity and relearn a balanced way of dealing with the “use” of ourselves. This process opens up new potential and possibilities for personal growth.

          Mariangela Tinelli