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Body up
your mind



How is it taught?

  • mainly private lessons
  • gentle hands-on, with verbal instructions
  • activities like standing, sitting, walking and laid down (semi-supine pose)
  • meditative approach
  • group lessons are a variation and an option to learn collectively

In a typical Alexander technique lesson the student is guided by the teacher through specific, subtle touch and mental orientations. This is in support of the student’s proprioception, interoception and spacial perception. The process activates the student’s neuromuscular system.

The Alexander Technique works with simple, routine activities like standing, sitting, walking and laid down. The actual and habitual movement pattern of the student becomes more conscious. New potential becomes available and more agile and fluent movements are possible. Equally this process encourages own thoughts to be less habitual and more spontaneous.

Part of the time spent with Alexander Technique is meditative. In this way the students can observe their own thoughts, learn to pause and do less alltogether. It offers an opportunity to witness the present time and peacefully notice and receive changes and shifts that occur. The development of this sensitized self-awareness enables to experience the way liberated, well-coordinated and economical movements may feel like.

Through this personalised training, the student gains a new freedom of choice and support within themselves, going beyond the understanding of the way of life they are used to. Students can renew their choices again and again to achieve a better use of their physical, mental and emotional selves.

          Mariangela Tinelli