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About me

I completed the three year’s teacher training course in 2021 and am a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. At the Alexander Technik Schule Berlin I learned with Jörg Aßhoff, the director of the school and the assistant teachers Petra von Ondarza, Theresa Wiesenthaler, Sibylle Gfellner and Ulrich Bitter.
I am a member of the Alexander Technik Verband Deutschland. (ATVD).
I have further studied at the Ted Dimon Institute New York, ‘Breathing and the Voice’ with Theodore Dimon (online, 2021).
Since 2020 I teach Alexander Technique in private lessons and  in group settings. Amongst my students are dancers and musicians albeit not only.
Personally I discovered the benefits of the A. T. already as a student at the Contemporary Dance Academy in 1997 in Amsterdam (NL). I am a dancer in contemporary dance and perform in theaters, contemporary art institutions, films and videos. In recent years I began to develop my own choreographies.

I am also a dance teacher. At Stichting MEMO in Amsterdam (from 2006 till 2014) I taught children and later adults for example at CREA Cultureel Studentencentrum Amsterdam.

The Alexander Technique has empowered my stage performance during my dance career with an intelligent, gentle and efficient approach. It has been a place to regenerate myself from stressful times and regain confidence. Eventually I became more interested in bodymind work for personal growth. At the teacher training course of the Alexander Technique, I found myself more aware, engaged and capable of taking beneficial choices for myself in general and give an active contribution to my physical, mental and emotional well-being and health. The A. T. practice has revealed inner latent potentials and step by step new perspectives have emerged. Always with the help of curiosity, realisation and inhibition in dialogue with yourself, the other and the environment.
I am also a yoga practitioner since 2002. (Functional Yoga). In 2017, I studied Somatic Yoga at Somatische Akademie Berlin to deepen my understanding, there I also learned more about BMC (bodymindcentering), Feldenkrais Technique,  continuum movement and Middendorf Breathwork. As I remain playful and curious with those somatic practices, it’s important for me to evaluate their connections and differences with the Alexander Technique. In essence, they all support the inseparability and balance of body and mind and inner peace. Nevertheless, each method has its unique way to inspire.

The Alexander Technique is a brilliant preparation and companion for any creative endeavor. And even in a larger perspective a way of being and living. It bears a reminder that there is always the possibility to pause, to sense and to relate anew. Therefore to develop inner strength to let desired changes happen, gently, almost by themselves. Cultivating the wish to betterment. And why not,  awaken the option of lightness and joy in the adventures of ‘the every day’ of life.

As a dedicated A. T. teacher, I am happy to welcome new students and also to accompany students who have already gained experience and want to refresh it and/or meet a new teacher.

          Mariangela Tinelli